Copy of Beny BiB #1 - Statement - Leather - Necklace

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Beny BiB #1 - Statement - Leather - Necklace

  • This genuine black leather Beny BiB #1 (a.k.a. necklace ) is available with Gold, Silver & Gold/Silver stainless steel hardware.
*Beny BiB #1 comes standard with the Beny Leather Corset and Beny Leather Dress, and you can buy additional BiB's ,also in a different hardware color!
  • Beny BiB's can be put on the Beny Corset and Beny Dress, to complete the Beny Hart wearable art look. The Beny BiB is a integral part of the ILBD (Infinity Little BiB Dress) and the Beny Corset. 
  • It's a leather wearable art necklace which attaches to the dress or corset via snaps in front and adjustable straps with suspender clips on the back.
  • Make an Impression ! Make a statement! Have fun changing your look every day with the same Beny Dress and Beny Corset by attaching different Statement Leather Necklaces - Beny BiB's! Have your art and wear it too!
  • The Beny BiB's are  interchangeable and come in a variety of colors & styles! They're all made of Genuine Luxury Leather.

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